Fresh Handmade Wreaths

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Size: 26” outer diameter, 16” inner diameter 

Fresh evergreen wreaths are one of our favourite items to craft over the holidays! Our handmade wreaths are comprised of mixed evergreens (spruce, fir and cedar typically) and accented with natural elements such as cones, red ilex berries, fresh cotton and more. These wreaths last for months outdoors and lend themselves perfectly to a variety of decorating styles.

Please Note:

  • These wreaths are meant to be enjoyed outdoors, where the cool temperatures will keep them fresh for months. Hand these wreaths on a front door, a porch or a gateway. If you would like to enjoy your evergreen wreath indoors you may bring your wreath in 2-3 days prior to your event. Keep tour wreath away from fireplaces or woodstoves and mist your wreath often with water to keep it from drying out inside a warm home. Fresh Evergreen Wreaths love cool outdoor temperatures and the moisture that the elements provide. 
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  • Belleville, Brighton, Campbellford, Codrington, Colborne, Foxboro, Frankford, Prince Edward County, Stirling, Trenton, Warkworth, Wooler
  • Delivery is not available to hospitals and nursing homes right now for COVID-19 best practices.
  • All contactless deliveries take place between 9am-7pm. Due to a high volume of orders we are not able to guarantee a delivery time. Our drivers complete their routes at 8pm daily. Don’t hesitate to call us at 613-403-5055 if your order hasn’t arrived by 8pm.