Bulk Bucket of Blooms

Bulk Bucket Of Blooms | Dahlia May Flower Farm, Trenton ON

If you are interested in seasonal flowers, are flexible and open to enjoying the best of what’s in season, on a tight budget or simply have a knack for floral design, DIY flower buckets are a perfect option. Our bulk buckets of blooms, full of the best flowers of the season, offer great value.

These buckets are perfect for DIY weddings, parties and events where a natural and seasonal look is being created. Premium blooms such as Ranunculus, Dahlias and Peonies are not included in this bulk option, but may be ordered separately.

Our buckets of blooms include approximately 70 stems, with some foliages/greenery, accent flowers and “feature” flowers, harvested from what is most beautiful and abundant in our flower field. These flowers come in buckets of water and typically fill 8-10 mason jars depending on how you design your arrangements.

Our buckets of blooms are available in two different seasons:

Spring Buckets
April 15th - June 31st
$140 - $165

Summer Buckets
July 1st - October 1st
$100 - $125

We offer two different ways for you to chose your buckets of blooms.

Growers Choice

These buckets are a growers choice of colour and varieties. Mixed colours will be used and our buckets will be full of the best of what is blooming and available on our farm the week of ...

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Custom Colour Pallet

Send us your colour palettes and we will harvest blooms to coordinate with, and compliment, the colours you have chosen. We love to harvest just the right blooms for you and are able to ...

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If you would like to gather more of a particular flower (ex. Peonies or Dahlias) or color in addition to your DIY buckets, straight bunches can be added to your order with additional pricing.

Interested in purchasing DIY flowers?
Please contact info@dahliamayflowerfarm.com to discuss the details of your event and to make a deposit to hold your place in our harvest schedule.