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Help us provide flowers to long term care residents!

We are so excited to be launching a program to bring fresh flowers to residents in long term care homes in our community. We know just how much fresh flowers can brighten up these difficult times and we are looking forward to surprising local residents in long term care with beautiful bouquets.

Here’s how our program will work:

We are opening up this page to community gifting. Every two weeks we will be allocating flowers to residents in local long term care homes. We will be working closely with the coordinators at local care homes to ensure that these blooms arrive to residents and to help us reach as many residents as possible.

We will be providing the flowers at a wholesale cost, with no markup, and we will be covering the the costs of the labour to design and distribute these flowers. 100% of your gifts will be going directly to getting fresh flowers to residents in long term care. 

These deliveries will be made every two weeks starting in March. We will be distributing blooms in the community on March 10th and March 24th. 

PLEASE NOTE: We are not able to honour requests that gifts of flowers be distributed to specific long term care homes. We are working closely with community leaders to ensure that when we bring flowers to long term care homes we are able to gift each resident with a bouquet so that no one is left out.

We are not a registered charity, and we will not be able to provide a tax receipt for income tax purposes. Donation amounts are based on the value before HST is added.

If you are a business owner, organization or community member who would like to sponsor sending flowers to a local long term care home please reach out to us directly at , we would love to help make this possible!