Platinum Blonde Dahlia Tuber (New this Year)

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NOTE: Limit of 1 tuber per customer.

This is one of our very favourite new varieties! Platinum Blonde’s unusual ‘anemone’ type blooms remind us of fuzzy echinaceas or double flowering daffodils. The fluffy centres of the blooms are a soft buttercream yellow, with a ring of crisp flat white petals surrounding them. This variety blooms abundantly all summer, and it’s flowers are absolutely perfect for wedding work. We fell in love with Platinum Blonde this year! 

Price is per one individual tuber.

Bloom Size: 3-4”

Plant Height: 3-4’

Light: Full Sun, 6-8h of sun

Days to maturity: 80-100 days

Plant Spacing: 12-18”

Pinch: When plants are 8-12” tall

All Dahlia Tubers purchased from Dahlia May will be shipped early-mid April, depending on weather, as they cannot freeze. Due to weather we are unable to ship tubers earlier. Our tubers are only available for shipping in Canada, due to export regulations. Unfortunately we are NOT able to ship tubers to the US or overseas.