Dahlia Tubers - COMING SOON!


Please read the information below to familiarize yourself with our policies, to ensure you have the best shopping experience possible.

Shipping will be available Canada wide. Unfortunately, due to export regulations, we are unable to ship tubers to the US or overseas.

All Dahlia Tubers purchased from Dahlia May will be shipped early-mid April, depending on weather, as they cannot freeze. Due to weather, we are unable to ship tubers earlier.

If you live locally, and would prefer to pick up your order at our farm store, you are welcome to choose 'Farmstand pickup' at the time of online checkout, instead of 'shipping'. We will be preparing all orders for pickup in mid April, and emailing customers when their order is ready for pickup. We are not able to offer an earlier pickup date. 

Tubers are NOT 'safe' in a customer's online cart until they have checked out the cart at time of payment. If another customer has the same item in their cart and checks out their cart quicker, the tubers may disappear from your cart. We very much wish this wasn't the case, but unfortunately it's a limitation of our website e-commerce platform, Shopify, and we have no control over this. 

Unfortunatley we are not able to combine orders. Each order placed will be subject to a shipping fee, and we will be shipping, processing and packaging each order individually. We're a tiny team doing our best for you, and we appreciate your understanding. 

You'll be able to choose Fedex or Canada Post Express shipping at time of checkout. These are the only two methods of shipping we offer. Please note: we have no control over the shipping fees. The shipping fees are calculated at the time of checkout, based on the size of your order and the location it's being shipped to. The prices listed are the prices we will be paying to the carrier to ship your parcel. We know how frustrating shipping fees can be, especially in an Amazon "free shipping" world. Unfortunately, small businesses like ours have no control over these costs. We do not have free shipping available. 

Full planting instructions will be included with every order.

Please note: Dahlia tubers come in many shapes and sizes. Tuber sizes will vary depending on variety. Bigger doesn’t always mean better, some varieties produce small tubers, and these tubers still produce strong and healthy plants. All of our tubers are currently in a dormant state. That means that when they are shipped, a visible eye may not yet be apparent. Some varieties do take longer than others to 'wake up' and present visible eyes. We guarantee that all dahlia tubers purchased from us will will be shipped with at least one viable ‘eye’ and are true to name.

When you receive our tubers, open your package immediately.

We will not be responsible for tubers drying out or rotting in post-shipment storage. If you are not planting your tubers immediately, you may store them in their opened packages in a cool and dark place for several weeks until you are able to plant. Check your tubers often during this time to make sure there is no excess moisture, as moisture can lead to rot.

If your tubers fail to sprout within 6 weeks of planting, please notify us immediately. We cannot be held responsible for rotting due to weather or pest issues.

Credits may be issued to tubers that fail to sprout due to lack of ‘eyes’ only. Refunds are not available. Dahlia May is not liable for any damage or loss resulting from crop failure or weather.